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This week at the iSchool
An image from Carroots' winning app design in the Microsoft Imagine Cup.

This week at the iSchool

iSchoolers in the News

A team of MSIM students took top honors at the Big Idea contest at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup. They won in the World Citizenship category for Carroots, an educational dashboard that allows the user to discover career opportunities.

Associate Professor Adam Moore released a new book analyzing the moral and legal foundations of privacy, security and accessibility. The book features multiple contributors from a 2013 conference Moore organized.

Lecturer Annie Searle has a new book out titled “Reflections on Risk III.” Searle collected writings from MSIM students on the ethical dimensions of identity management, culture risk, privacy and security.

Online MLIS student Brian Keith has secured a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to digitize out-of-print books on the history and culture of Florida and the Caribbean. Keith is the associate dean for the University of Florida Libraries.

Senior undergrad Ben Peterson was part of a UW team that took first prize at the inaugural Climate Game Jam. Their video game, “Climate Quest,” won in the college category. Winning games were put on display this week at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

TASCHA is among the organizers of an Information Symposium Jan. 28-29 in Yangon, Myanmar. The symposium will bring people together to take stock of where Myanmar stands in its information revolution.

Associate Professor Joe Janes is among those featured in American Libraries’ roundup of librarian-produced podcasts. Janes’ “Documents That Changed the World” explores the impact of historical documents, using a broad definition of what constitutes a “document.”

Several iSchool faculty members and students presented at the Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences earlier this month. Among them were Professor Hans Jochen Scholl, Associate Professor Karine Nahon, Professor Bob Mason, Ph.D. candidate Shawn Walker, Associate Professor Ricardo Gomez, Assistant Professor Jamie Snyder, Assistant Professor Emma Spiro, Adjunct Assistant Professor Kate Starbird, and Ph.D. candidate Jordan Eschler.

Project Information Literacy and researcher Alison Head continue to get attention for research showing that recent college graduates are often short on life skills. The UW Daily is the latest to cover the story.

Tweets of the Week

Elsewhere in Information News

UW researchers developed a system that could help improve bus service. They pinged riders’ phones to measure real-time data on ridership.

Elsewhere at the UW, engineers developed an app with a laser-mapping add-on that can identify what kinds of food are on your plate and then give you an estimated calorie count.

Microsoft announced its Minecraft Education Edition will be deployed to classrooms this summer. The game is widely used in classrooms, and this edition is designed with educators’ goals in mind.

Lots of librarians have embraced the #1lib1ref challenge to help improve Wikipedia. The challenge asked librarians to spend 15 minutes celebrating Wikipedia’s 15th birthday by adding a reliable citation to one article. If you missed out, one imagines you’re still welcome to add a reference anytime.

Facebook and Twitter each have their advantages, but Twitter definitely has a leg up on the social conversation around live events such as sporting events. That doesn’t sit well with Facebook, which is introducing a new sports feature called Sports Stadium.


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