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This week at the iSchool
Dubs, the UW mascot, made an appearance at iAffiliates Day.

This week at the iSchool

iSchoolers in the News

Informatics students Lit Phansiri, Cassandra Beaulaurier, Alexis Gregerson and Emmanuel Gambliel found themselves in the news unexpectedly after Mount Rainier’s camping reservation system melted down recently. For their Capstone project, the students are working on a replacement system to be launched in early 2017. We talked with them about their project.

Associate Professor Jacob Wobbrock wrote a piece for CoMotion, the UW’s innovation hub, on what separates a great innovation from an ordinary one.

Associate Professor Hala Annabi, Ph.D. student Annuska Perkins, TASCHA Principal Research Scientist Mike Crandall and Ph.D. candidate Sheryl Day were among the presenters at our annual iAffiliates Day. Here’s a roundup of the event, which highlights the impact of the iSchool and opportunities for partners to collaborate.

Lecturer Annie Searle wrote a piece for Risk Universe Magazine. She tackles the recent dustup between Apple and the FBI and its long-term implications for data privacy.

Professor David Levy joined the Digital Mindfulness Podcast to talk about his book, “Mindful Tech,” and ways to achieve balance between their digital lives and their offline lives.

Tweets of the Week

Elsewhere in Information News

From Pew Research, here’s a great example of an easy-to-follow data visualization that tells a compelling story. It shows how the ideological divide between Democrats and Republicans has grown since the 1990s.

The U.S. Supreme Court quietly instituted a new rule that expands the FBI’s power to hack computers. It allows a judge in any jurisdiction to approve a warrant allowing agents to access a computer without knowing its location.

California public TV station KQED looked at the role of ­libraries in massive open online courses. Learning circles, which add a social element to online learning proved to be a big help in improving completion rates.

Dozens of business leaders and governors from 27 states joined a bipartisan coalition pushing for computer science education in schools. Public schools continue to lag in computer science and lack funding to improve their offerings.

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