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This week at the iSchool
iSchool students have been working on ways to study representation in video game characters.

This week at the iSchool

A quick roundup this week:

iSchoolers in the News

People assume video game characters aren’t very diverse, but there’s not much data to support that notion. As we wrote this week, MSIM students Samantha Coulter, Kameron So, Kate Sousa and Brian Waismeyer took on the issue with their Capstone project.

Assistant Professor Jason Yip’s Science Everywhere project is featured on the National Science Foundation’s video showcase. Check it out and vote your support.

Phil Howard, an adjunct professor at the iSchool, wrote recently for Wired about the influence of bots on the presidential election. Here’s the essay on Howard’s website.

Tweets of the Week

Elsewhere in Information News

The Library of Congress decided to remove the “illegal aliens” heading, but the U.S. Congress overruled the library. As always, politicians know best.

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