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iSchool summer update for June
iSchool Spectrum Scholars at ALA in Orlando.

iSchool summer update for June

Things slow down in the summertime, but there’s still plenty going on at the iSchool. Let’s get caught up on some recent happenings.

iSchoolers in the News

Susan Hildreth is joining the iSchool this fall as our first Distinguished Practitioner in Residence, focusing on the future of libraries. Hildreth recently became treasurer of the American Library Association and recently completed a term as director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Assistant Professor Jevin West is part of Viziometrics team that’s gotten some attention for its work showing that graphics can do better than words at explaining complex ideas in academic papers. The Economist wrote about it.

Recent MLIS graduate Emily Thompson was featured on the UW Research Commons blog. Her work has focused on open sharing of information and ideas.

Paul Li completed his doctoral studies at the iSchool with his dissertation, “What makes a great software engineer?” Associate Professor Andy Ko summed up Li’s work on his blog.

Working under Research Associate Professor Emeritus William Jones, iSchool students developed Web applications designed to reduce the overload factor. The students recently presented the apps, which are made to work in concert across different devices.

iSchool students Jessica Humphries and Sunny Kim were selected for travel awards to attend the National Diversity in Libraries Conference. Each earned a $1,000 scholarship to travel to Los Angeles and participate.

Alumnus Brian Bannon, commissioner of the Chicago Public Library, decided to do something about the “summer slide” among kids who turn off their brains for the summer. He led a giveaway of 1 million children’s books to keep kids engaged.

Cindy Altick Aden, an iSchool alumna, was chosen as director of the Washington State Library. Aden earned her master’s degree in 1987 at what was then the Graduate School of Library and Information Science.

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Elsewhere in Information News

  • FiveThirtyEight launched its forecasting tools for the November presidential election. If you’re into data visualizations, there’s a lot of great stuff to entertain and enlighten you about where things stand.
  • The Knight Foundation recently announced the winners of its news challenge on libraries. Check out all the innovative ideas from across the country that earned funding.
  • A federal appeals court recently upheld the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules that ensure everyone has equal access to the Web, an important ruling for advocates of the free flow of information. The issue is likely going to end up in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

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