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This week at the iSchool
Michelle Martin

This week at the iSchool

iSchoolers in the News

Michelle Martin, our Beverly Cleary Professor for Children and Youth Services, is the subject of this week’s Faculty Friday feature from the Whole U. She talks about her passion for diversity in children’s books: “We need diverse books in which children can find reflections of themselves.”

Janelle Hagen, who earned her MLIS at the iSchool in 2011, is front and center in the war on fake news. The Seattle Times featured Hagen and the importance of her role as a teacher librarian in combating the wave of misinformation that particularly targets young people.

Jill Bourne, an iSchool alumna recently named Librarian of the Year, was featured in Content Magazine. The magazine asked how she chose the UW: “It was 106 degrees in the summer in Boston when I had to make my decision, and I lived in a fourth-floor walkup. I was there in this incredible, horrible heat, and thinking about where the library school programs were…One in Austin, one in Boston, and one in Seattle. My roommate and I were saying, ‘It’s going to be this hot every day in Austin. Let’s go to Seattle.’”

The iSchool’s Jevin West and Biology Professor Carl Bergstrom keep getting more attention for their upcoming course, “Calling Bullshit in the Age of Big Data.” UW News wrote about the “overwhelming” response to the class and they appeared on Q13:

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