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This week at the iSchool
Travis Windleharth shows his work during the iSchool Research Fair.

This week at the iSchool

Just a few notes from Dead Week:

iSchoolers in the News

The iSchool Research Fair took place Thursday evening at the HUB. The showcase for iSchool faculty, students and research staff included 64 exhibits this year. Here’s our write-up on the event.

Dean Harry Bruce devotes his quarterly message to inclusion and how diversity helps the iSchool community: “As we move through our lives, we are enriched by the beauty of difference.”

A virtual reality project that grew out of Ran Hinrichs’ INFO 466 class made a big impression in the real world. OceanGate, which makes submersible vehicles, enlisted students’ help to create a VR experience, and the students turned in impressive results. ECO magazine has the story.

Tweets of the Week

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