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This week at the iSchool
Wanda Pratt leads the "Patients as Safeguards" project.

This week at the iSchool

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Professor Wanda Pratt and her research team have been looking into ways technology can be used to improve communication between hospital patients and their doctors and help prevent medical errors. We talked to Pratt and Ph.D. students Jordan Eschler and Sonali Mishra about their roles in the Patients as Safeguards project.

Recent research from HCDE and the iSchool found that the “Pokemon Go” craze wasn’t just about “collecting ‘em all” – it led to family bonding time outdoors. Crosscut talked to the iSchool’s Jason Yip and Jin Ha Lee about their findings.

Associate Professor Jacob Wobbrock, who has experienced tech both as a researcher and as the head of a startup, has some interesting thoughts on the differences in working in the two areas. He shared them on the AnswerDash blog.

Seattle Met is among the latest to chime in on “Calling Bullshit in the Age of Big Data,” the course taught by the iSchool’s Jevin West and Biology’s Carl Bergstrom. The first lecture is also now on our YouTube channel:

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