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This week at the iSchool

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  • From Tech Crunch: Twitter is rolling out a polling tool for all users. Brace for an avalanche of questions in your feed.
  • The Seattle Public Library’s “branding initiative” has gotten some rough press coverage, and commenters were none too kind when responding to a survey about the plan.
  • From a thoughtful New York Times opinion piece on the future of libraries: “The principal danger facing libraries comes not from threats like these but from ill-considered changes that may cause libraries to lose their defining triple role: as preservers of the memory of our society, as providers of the accounts of our experience and the tools to navigate them — and as symbols of our identity.”
  • Nate Silver, the data guru behind FiveThirtyEight, says big data has peaked, and what’s needed are data scientists to leverage it. “Data is a lot messier and noisier than people want to acknowledge.”
  • From the Guardian, this story about detainees at a secretive Chicago police warehouse makes great use of data visualizations and other graphics to create a cool and unusual user experience.

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