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This week at the iSchool, spring break edition
Children work as part of Jason Yip's KidsTeam UW.

This week at the iSchool, spring break edition

iSchoolers in the News

Research by iSchool Ph.D. candidate Norah Abokhodair was featured in UW Today and cited on CNN. Abokhodair and colleagues found that most tweets after the Paris terror attacks defended Islam and Muslims. As anti-Muslim sentiments arose, most tweets condemned the negative hashtags. CNN reported a similar pattern in the wake of this week’s attacks in Brussels, Belgium. Abokhodair wrote more about her research on her blog.

Assistant Professor Jason Yip’s KidsTeam UW takes a different approach to design for kids, involving children much earlier in the process. We talked to Yip about his work and his team of budding experts.

iSchool alumni are highly sought after at ExtraHop, a fast-growing data analytics company. We wrote about why it’s hired several of them.

From the College of Arts & Sciences, a nice piece about the work of the iSchool’s Technology and Social Change Group and the Jackson School of International Studies in Myanmar. Their partnership is designed to build digital literacy, information literacy and data literacy in a nation that only recently opened up to free speech and the Internet.

Research scientist Alison Head and Professor Karen Fisher each posted excellent ideas to the Knight News Challenge on libraries. You can read their proposals and comment or up-vote to show your support. See Head’s proposal here and Fisher’s here.

Doctoral graduate Miranda Belarde-Lewis is leading a series on native art at the Frye Art Museum. Real Change wrote about the series.

And legendary alumna Beverly Cleary will turn 100 next month. Here’s a great interview from The Today Show. Cleary is a 1939 alumna of the School of Librarianship, which later became the Information School.

Tweets of the Week

Elsewhere in Information News

  • The Washington Post wrote about what’s at stake in the nomination of the next Librarian of Congress. With the library in what the Post calls a “massive crisis of mission,” there’s a lot on the line.
  • Pew Research released a new set of data about lifeline learning and technology. Pew found that a majority of Americans seek out learning activities in their work and personal lives.
  • Twitter turned 10 this week. Will it be around in another 10 years? Mashable says it could fade away into “social network oblivion.”
  • And in case you missed it, Microsoft released a chatbot on Twitter, only to see it start tweeting racist and misogynistic things in response to others’ tweets. It’s impressive and depressing at the same time.

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