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This week at the iSchool
Screen shots from the NatureCollections app that Katie Davis is researching.

This week at the iSchool

Catching up on some news and notes, including last week when we were out for Thanksgiving:

iSchoolers in the News

Assistant Professor Katie Davis is quoted in a Deseret News article, “Are screens the enemy? A battle over what’s best for teens.” Davis disagrees with assertions that smartphones are a possible cause of increased depression among teens.  “The problem, as we have come to understand through our research, is there are few simple answers — and certainly no single answer that can be applied to explain the mental health and well-being of an entire generation,” Davis wrote.

Davis’s work was also cited in Salon, in an article titled “You should talk about politics this Thanksgiving.” The advice still holds for the upcoming holidays.

We also wrote about Davis’s research into whether an app can inspire children to appreciate time outdoors. Her team’s “NatureCollections” app will begin a field test in winter quarter.

Professor David Levy talked to The Daily for a feature on mindfulness in the classroom. A portion of what Levy had to say: “Ethics is a big part of educating the whole person. How do we respond to others, how do we learn to not simply think selfishly but about our concern for others, and that includes how we are in the classroom too.”

We profiled new iSchool Senior Lecturer Ott Toomet, a data scientist who’s taken a winding path to the iSchool, including studies in astrophysics and economics. Learn more about Ott.

Assistant Professor Jevin West was among the featured speakers at the recent TEDxSeattle event. West presented a talk based on his “Calling Bullshit” course. Read about it in The Daily.

Tweets of the Week

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