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  • Amy Ko

    Amy Ko's interests span human-computer interaction, software engineering, and computing education.
  • Bryan Dosono

    Bryan is a PhD student in Information Science and Technology at Syracuse University. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Washington with honors in Informatics: Human-Computer Interaction. His research in information and communication technology examines the intersection between online privacy and digital inclusion for underserved communities.
  • Bryce Newell

    I’m a Ph.D. Candidate in Information Science at the University of Washington Information School, licensed attorney (California, inactive), and a documentary filmmaker. I am also a past Google Policy Fellow (2013), hosted by the Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law in Ottawa, Ontario. My research investigates the legal, ethical, and political implications of surveillance and counter-surveillance in modern society – with an emphasis on issues related to information privacy, liberty, free speech, and access to information.
  • Chloe Horning

    Chloe Horning graduated from the iSchool with her MLIS in 2011. She became “iSchool famous” that same year when she became a one-day champion on the television program, Jeopardy! Chloe spent two years leading the graveyard shift team at Odegaard Undergraduate Library, and is now the Assistant Research Commons Librarian for the University of Washington. She pens a monthly guest blog about her experiences as a first year academic librarian on ACRLog.com.
  • Elise Doney

    Elise Doney (MLIS 2013) is a Teen Services Librarian at Pierce County Library.
  • Greg Bem

    Greg Bem, MLIS '14, lived in Tuol Tom Pong I, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In addition to his work with Open Development Cambodia (ODC) and the Cambodian Library Association, he has done extensive volunteering for Nou Hach Literary Journal, Our City Festival (OCF), Writers Alliance, and more. When he was in Seattle he gained LIS experience with Seattle Public Library, the Seattle Aquarium, the Zine Archive and Publishing Project (ZAPP), and the Audubon Center at Seward Park. He invites interested individuals to contact Margaret Bywater or Kolap Mao for information on DFW opportunities in Phnom Penh. He also invites you to read his Cambodian Library blog.
  • iSchool Career Services

    Janet Matta is a former Career Services Advisor at the iSchool. She currently lives in Australia where she advises students on their way to professional success by providing one-on-one career advising, educational workshops and classes, and by facilitating relationships with the employment community. Prior to working at the iSchool Janet was a Career Counselor at UW Bothell, and has extensive experience in teaching and training in a variety of other sectors.
  • Joe Janes

    Joe is interested in how information and information resources work, what they are for, what they do and what they tell us about the human condition. In addition, he has a focus on libraries, how they work, how they change, how they have evolved, and what we can learn and adopt from previous practice, blended with new and exciting ideas, to keep libraries of all kinds vital, necessary and important parts of their communities. He teaches courses in information sources and services, in search, in research methods and statistics, and on the use of Internet technologies in librarianship. Associate Professor Janes holds the MLS (1983) and PhD (1989) from Syracuse University.
  • Kate Hagan

    I graduated from the Master of Science in Information Management program in 2013 after studying UX and Content Strategy. I served as the Publicity Officer for AIMS during my time as a student and am a proud alum. I currently work as a Content Marketing Strategist located in the SODO area of Seattle, and as a freelance writer and information manager. I'm an avid SciFi fan. When I'm not reading I'm probably spoiling my dog or doing yoga.
  • Keegan Osinski

    I'm a third year online MLIS student in the iSchool and I work at the Vanderbilt University Divinity Library in Nashville, TN. My interests include sacramental and postmodern theology and facilitating knowledge-sharing between scholars and clergy in new and creative ways.
  • Lassana Magassa

    I’m a Ph.D. student interested in libraries, learning, technology, teaching, making tools accessible, and understanding people’s usage trends to research the digital divide and digital inequalities.
  • Leizel Jackson Case

    Leizel is an MLIS candidate (June 2015) with a keen interest in special libraries, archives, and information behavior. An Ohio native, she graduated from Kent State University with a BA in International Relations, and then moved to rural Japan to teach English on the JET Program. She currently lives and works in Tokyo. In her free time she enjoys exploring new places, reading, watching movies (especially fantasy and sci-fi!) and learning to cook Japanese food.
  • Lisa Gettings

    Lisa Gettings is an SEO Strategist for Wheelhouse Search as well as the former editor of the Information Blog. She will cop to being an obsessive information organizer, dialectical thinker, and lover of old-timey phrases. However, it will take a wicked-good dirty martini to get her to sing an aria and admit the depths of her Joss Whedon addiction. She writes & makes jewelry on the side.
  • Mike Katell

    Mike Katell is a PhD student at the iSchool, a graduate of the MSIM program, and a classically trained composer. Mike's professional background as a technologist for social justice organizations inspires his interest in the impact of technology on marginalized people and his experience as a creative artist informs his study of intellectual property and copyright issues. He intends to focus his PhD work on the ethical use and control of information, including the intersection of technology and civil rights and the commercial collection, use, and retention of data about individuals.
  • Mychal Ludwig

    A life-long Washingtonian, Mychal Ludwig holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History & Japan Studies, as well as a Master of Library & Information Science Degree, both from the University of Washington, Seattle campus. Currently living in the American Southwest, since graduating Mychal has worked as both a freelance librarian and an archaeologist.
  • Norah Abokhodair

    Norah is a Ph.D. student and part of the Value Sensitive Design Lab. She’s a researcher in the arena of information security and privacy and her research interests ranges between two major topics: (1) social media and social change (2) raising awareness to privacy and security in cloud computing applications. Currently, her dissertation focuses on understanding privacy concerns and conceptions of non-western users of mobile applications.
  • Peter Ellis

    Peter is a 2009 alumnus of the Information School's Master of Science in Information Management program, where he was the inaugural technology officer for the Association of Information Management Students. Since his graduation, he has worked for federal and state agencies with a particular focus on application development, information architecture, knowledge management, and user experience. He currently works for the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts.
  • Stephanie Rossi

    Stephanie Rossi graduated with her MLIS degree in 2014. Her research areas involve taxonomy, specifically related to video games and interactive media, digital asset management, and content strategy. She is an active member of the Gamer Group, assisting Professor Jin Ha Lee in her video game metadata schema research, which will enable cataloguers and users of the Seattle Interactive Media Museum’s (SIMM) to more effectively search and organize video game metadata.

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