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Summer updates from the iSchool: June edition

Our updates become a little more irregular during the summertime, but they’re still action-packed. Here’s the latest from a busy month at the iSchool: iSchoolers in the News We have a new dean-in-waiting! Anind Dey comes to us from Carnegie Mellon University, where he is a professor and director of CMU’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute. UW News did a write-up on ... Read More »

This week at the iSchool

iSchoolers in the News Students in Dave Stearns’ INFO 200 class showed off their final projects at an event at Mary Gates Hall recently. For their final projects, students work together in small teams to solve information problems. Many of the projects are concepts for websites or apps, while some are working prototypes of the students’ ideas. Lecturer Annie Searle ... Read More »

This week at the iSchool

Tweets of the week .@UW_iSchool @UW Check out my latest project: https://t.co/ul2ZacIsLz — Evan Cohen (@_evnc) October 22, 2015 Hilarious startup website generator: https://t.co/8viqWJSSkT pic.twitter.com/uGVrNNhZHB — Mike Freeman (@mf_viz) October 20, 2015 When I grow up I want to be like @UW_iSchool grad and ASU Professor @marisaelena1979. She knocked the ball out of the park at #PPDD2015 — harlemlibrarian (@harlemlibrarian) ... Read More »

This week at the iSchool

Now that school has started, who has time to stay caught up on everything that’s going on? We’re here to round it up in one tidy place. Of course, this isn’t everything that’s going on. Email parrydo@uw.edu to let us know about anything we’ve missed. iSchoolers in the news “They just knocked our socks off”: iSchool interns made quite an ... Read More »

Endless Love: The Illusion of Unlimited Choice in Online Dating

With the advent of the internet, people can find a partner on the other side of the globe with a click of a button and can have an entire romance online. Interest and rejection are conveyed nearly instantaneously, and with the addition of smart phones to their technological arsenal, people can constantly check their profile views and messages on the ... Read More »

Scraping Facebook: An Awesome Tool for Grabbing Data from Posts

I am sure many of you would like some help scraping. By scraping, I mean the technique of extracting information from websites. Specifically, the posts of a Facebook group. When I was working on one of my early projects entitled Youth, ICTs, and Democracy in Egypt with the Technology & Social Change Group (TASCHA) at the iSchool, we needed to undergo a qualitative ... Read More »

Facebook Savvy Migrants? Research Notes from the U.S.-Mexico Border

Editor’s note: This post discusses some initial findings from an on-going research project by authors Bryce Newell and Ricardo Gomez about the use of Facebook by undocumented/irregular migrants from Mexico and Central America.  The research is funded by the University of Washington’s Royalty Research Fund, and is being conducted in affiliation with the UW Information School’s Information and Society Center. Sitting ... Read More »

Virtually Hirable: 5 Tips for a Polished Social Media Presence

Your virtual presence should serve to enhance your professional career, no matter what form of social media you participate in. Your online professional presence does not just occur on LinkedIn, it also happens on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and any other online forum. Follow these tips to enhance your employability! #1: Be Professional A study by CareerBuilder found that potential employers ... Read More »

Social Media Exile: The Tyranny of the ‘Agree’ Button

Creative Commons License: Some rights reserved by Lou Ect

If you’re like me, you’ve completely lost track of the number of times you’ve clicked the little “I agree” button—on software, upgrades, website registrations, and the like. We know, as little attention as we pay to such things, that they probably mean something, sorta, and we have that microscopic pang of guilt—or more appropriately, misgiving—about not having read what we’ve ... Read More »

The Connected Couple: Information Behavior in Online Dating

It is often observed that couples who have been together for a while develop a way of communicating that is theirs alone. They may complete each other’s sentences or share a word, phrase or a glance whose meaning is known only to them. Yet information behavior research has bypassed the way couples develop this information exchange over time. Gina Kessler ... Read More »